Have you ever thought why do people volunteer with the Hospice Society? I have often asked our current volunteers this question, why? The answer that each current volunteer gives is different, but there is a theme.

Some volunteers will share a personal story of a loved one who received hospice care in the past. And now they feel it’s time to give back. Or some volunteers want to give back because of a need to give time and comfort to those who are facing terminal illness or give time to socially isolated seniors. There are some volunteers that have a medical background. They have told me that they are at a point in their life that they want to give back to the community.

god grant me the wisdom

In the Serenity Room at Queen Victoria Hospital

The recurring theme is, giving. Giving of ourselves and our time can make a huge difference to a person’s life.
When your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness the emotions and thoughts are everywhere. Or a senior who has no family or friends that can visit them, they can feel so alone and forgotten. In each of these scenarios having support from a compassionate volunteer can lesson some of the emotional confusion. Grief shared is grief diminished. No one wants to be alone while facing such hardships. We all want to belong.

I often think what makes a healthy, vibrant society is, how do we take care of vulnerable people.

The Revelstoke Hospice Society was incorporated as a society since 1994 and continues to offer support to the community of Revelstoke.

Would you say you are a compassionate person who has a few hours a week to share with someone who needs a friendly
visit? If you answered yes, maybe its “time” for you to consider volunteering.

written by Andree for our 2012 newsletter.


We are offering free training for Hospice Volunteers.

Would you like to be a team member who supports patients and families that are facing terminal illnesses or aging family members? The gift of your time can make a huge difference. Volunteers provide companionship and support to the entire family and extended family.
Interested? Please email revhosp@telus.net or call 250-837-5523 for more info.