PALS Program

The Mission Statement of the Pals Program is as follows:

  • To provide comfort, companionship and social visits to elderly individuals living at home or in healthcare facilities.

Program Description:

  • These seniors are identified by Community Care Nursing staff, Mt. Cartier Court and Acute Care staff at Queen Victoria Hospital as socially isolated when family are not in close proximity or are unable to visit often.  The service will be provided by volunteers who will be specifically educated and supervised by the Revelstoke Hospice Society and the Front Line Volunteer Coordinator.  Many seniors are socially isolated and lonely and seniors living in their homes, in long term care and/or assisted living facilities may appreciate a new face to perk them up and provide a change in their daily routine.

Program Delivery:

  • Volunteers educated in the concepts of confidentiality, communication and companionship will provide this service.
  • Referrals will come from Community Care Nursing, Mt. Cartier Court and acute care nursing staff at Quuen Victoria Hospital .
  • The Hospice Front Line Volunteer Cooridinator will provide the liaison between the volunteer and the individual client.
  • Activities could involve engaging these individuals in their favourite activities, hobbies and past tines.

Our volunteers are caring, sensitive people who have been successfully screened and completed specialized training.  They respect your need for confidentiality and honour all religious and/or spiritual beliefs without imposing their personal values.

Are you a good listener? Do you enjoy playing cards or enjoy sharing hobbies with someone? Do you enjoy visiting and learning about people? If you said YES, you might be interested in becoming a volunteer with the Revelstoke Hospice Society’s  newest program PALS!

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