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Community based, working in cooperation with health care agencies, the hospital, and other community resources



What is Hospice?

The Revelstoke Hospice Society understands that from the time of a terminal illness diagnosis, clients and their families are on a journey. We are here to walk with you on this very personal journey. Hospice is not just a place but also a concept. The focus is on caring, not curing; on life, not death. Quality of life, family wellness, community involvement and personal dignity are all part of the compassion and progressive vision of hospice care.

A Note About Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are caring, sensitive people who have been successfully screened and have completed specialized training.  They know how to listen without judgement and without giving advice.  They respect your need for confidentiality and honour all religious and/or spiritual beliefs without imposing their personal values.



2019 Snowflake Ceremony celebrates 20 years


November Death Cafe

Visit deathcafe.com for more information about Death Cafe’s, or contact RHS at 250-837-5523 to inquire about this months.


Hospice Presents Free Palliative Care Training

Do you have the heart for volunteering? Do you feel called to bring comfort to others in their time of need? Do you have an hour or so each week to do something meaningful? We are looking for committed and caring community members to help us do the work of Hospice. Training will take place […]


October Death Cafe

Come Join In!  Death Cafe’s are not morbid or sad. They allow strangers to talk about issues surrounding life and loss. They help bring us together as a community.


Would you be interested in sitting on the Revelstoke Hospice Society Board?

Would you be interested in sitting on the Revelstoke Hospice Society Board? If so, here is some information on what is expected in terms of time commitment and responsibilities. The 7 member Board meets 8 times a year as well as the AGM, plus each Director is asked to serve on a committee. Our Board […]



How we Help

Volunteer provide the framework for Hospice, but we would not be able to reach all parts of the community without the support from these local providers.